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about the show

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Nayked is about wearing your truth and loving thy imperfections. Nayked is the essence of beauty – it is authentic, unapologetic, vulnerable, and bold.  Nayked is the vitality of inner healing, self-love, and self-discovery – and it is your access to holistic and divine freedom.

JourneytoNayked is a podcast that encourages women to wear their truth & embrace authenticity. Through interviews, storytelling and raw dialogue, transformation Coach Akilah Flynn and lightworker Seanya Wilson join with other women to discuss the importance of holding space to grow, love, feel, get clear, and align with our authentic selves and inner purpose. Join them as they tap into the power of vulnerability in order to discuss their personal journeys as it relates to healing and inner peace, self-love and acceptance, and self-discovery. Become empowered by the tools & techniques they’ve used on their personal journeys to Nayked! Their hopes are that you become inspired along your journey to Love Thy Nayked, and Embrace Thy Truth. 

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