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represents the conscious self, and mind, and is associated with our thought processes and patterns. it is our ability to connect with our minds and ground ourselves in greater awareness. 

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represents the emotional self, heart, and passion, and is associated with our deep emotional processes, desires, & intuition. it is our ability to deeply connect with ourselves and others. 

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represents the physical self, body, and growth. it is associated with material forms and structures, and with physical sensibility. it is our ability to develop and care for what is seen, tangible and external. 

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represents the spiritual self, and the universal energy that connects us. it is the source of life, and ability to connect with your higher self. it is the process of self-discovery, & self-actualization.

The Healing Experience is an intimate monthly support and accountability group for women to discuss challenges, heartbreak, victories, and lessons encountered throughout this journey called life; a journey we all know to be messy, complicated, breathtaking, abundant, and beautiful.


The Healing Experience is a chance for you to honor your own needs by showing up for yourself to heal and transform, all while aligning with your most authentic self. It is a chance for you to cultivate and nourish connection with others to be seen, heard, loved, and cared for. 

As your safe space facilitator our mission is to help you work towards wellness maturity in order to lead a purpose driven and fulfilling life. Because Nayked Alchemy is about transformation; it is about obtaining the guidance and support needed to mature mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually so that we can become the women our Creator designed us to be in our purest form.


Our Philosophy 

"you have the power to transform your life"

To live Nayked is to unapologetically embrace your unique identity, while also seeking continuous growth and personal development holistically. Nayked is about living a life that is unmasked and redefined by your inner most truth. Nayked is courageous, bold, unapologetic, shameless, and living one’s life in total freedom.


Alchemy is an ancient practice rooted in a spiritual worldview that all matter contains a universal spirit. It was believed that metals such as lead, were a spiritual and physical premature version of higher metals such as gold; however once matured and refined, had the ability to be transformed into the purest form of gold. Alchemist called this spiritual perfection.


Similar to the concept of alchemy, we believe that we are all spiritual beings living a human experience, and we all have the potential to transform our lives.


Openness to vulnerability is key!
There is no need for perfection in this group. Come as you are, whatever that may be; beautiful, raw, bold, or scared. 


The answers you've been seeking are within you!

You just need a little support to get to those answers. No need to overthink, just come with an open heart to receive, and a journal to document your souls inner wisdom. 


You are worth the risk! 

Be authentic and risk telling the truth - first to yourself and then to others. Because that's when transformation and healing can happen. - Katherine Thomas


You are not an option, You are a priority! 

Your journey is yours, therefore you are responsible for the path you wish to follow and the destinations you arrive to. This is your time to show up for yourself, to prioritize your growth, and to realign with your highest self. 

What you need to know 

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Hosted by Akilah Flynn,
Founder & Integrative Life Coach

I invite you to consciously generate a feeling of connection and care with other women while you journey towards a life fulfilled. This journey is your journey, but you don't have to do it alone. I hope to see you there!

Image by Jessica Felicio

I want to join the Nayked Alchemy & begin my journey to nayked!

Please note: For the sake of maintaining a safe and intimate space, Nayked Alchemy requires all new members to go through enrollment. Once you enroll, a team member will contact you with more details.  Nayked Alchemy is only hosting Live Sessions in Los Angeles, CA at the moment. If you're in another City or State, we will keep you updated on our Virtual Group coming to you soon!

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