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who are we

To live Nayked is to unapologetically embrace your unique identity, while also seeking continuous growth and personal development holistically. Nayked is about living a life that is unmasked and redefined by your inner most truth. Nayked is courageous, bold, unapologetic, shameless, and living one’s life in total freedom.

NaykedAlchemy™ is a global community that started as one woman’s personal journey to inner-healing, self-love, and self-discovery. A journey that has led her to a deeper understanding of the meaning and purpose behind her existence, and has enabled and equipped her to thrive. It is the founders greatest aspiration to empower womxn both young and seasoned to achieve the same, in spite of any present obstacles or past pains they may have encountered. 


NaykedAlchemy™ seeks to provoke self-awareness and encourage inner healing within the lives of all womxn, while empowering them to apply transformational techniques and healing modalities to obtain personal, professional, and spiritual growth. And because Nayked is all about embracing our unique identity, NaykedAlchemy™ seeks to empower womxn to achieve self-love through inner-healing, while unapologetically remaining true to themselves.


Through panel interviews, digital, and social platforms, NaykedAlchemy™ will act as a community platform for womxn to expound upon their personal journey to inner-healing, self-love, and self-discovery, while discussing how this journey has essentially led to their success.

NaykedAlchemy™ is for all womxn of color regardless of age or creed, and is most beneficial to those who wish to implement strategies purposed for the enhancement and enrichment of their personal, professional, and spiritual growth. NaykedAlchemy™ is for the women who are ready to thrive within their existence.

meet the

heart behind

the vision



Akilah is an Intuitive Healer, Certified Integrative Wellness Life Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, and owner of Align Coaching & Consulting. she has dedicated her life to creating safe & empowering spaces for women to heal, and has become known for her ability to help others achieve greater awareness within themselves and about their life purpose. her mission is to be a light in the lives of many, that they would shine bright and step into their greatest potential, while aligning with their divine life purpose.


"year's ago God spoke to my spirit and told me - many will be healed because of your heart - nayked alchemy is the fragment of my heart and passion to help women heal.

- akilah 

this community started as my own personal journey towards greater healing, self-love, and self actualization; and I AM now honored to be able to share this with the world of women who desire the same. we are all alchemist and have the power to transform our lives in order to transcend into all our Creator created us to be, therefore, it is my greatest honor to dedicate myself to creating safe spaces for women of color to unmask, heal, transform, and align with their true authentic self. because every woman should feel safe to - love thy nayked and embrace thy truth."

the team




Maria is a natural born healer and bearer of hearts - her heart never stops beating for the ones that she loves, which is why she so graciously cares for the heart of Nayked Alchemy. with a passion to care for the lives of young adults, maria is pursuing her life's work in social work to continue her efforts in caring for those who cant care for themselves. 



Seanya is more than our podcast co-host, she is a lightworker, and a self proclaimed astrology wiz! through astrology, she helps others understand what makes them who they are, and what unique qualities/abilities were given to them at birth. Seanya has been given the natural born gift of helping others become aware of what might be standing in the way of receiving the life of their dreams!


"I AM dedicated to helping women heal by giving them tools to understand themselves on a deeper level, so they can start living their purpose with intention." 

- Seanya 



Jessica captures the heart and soul of Nayked Alchemy. through her lens she has the gift of capturing the essence of true beauty, in which is a mirror reflection of her own interpretation of how she views the world. amongst many other things, she is a wife, a mother, and a native New Yorker. 

"I love photography because it allows me to share someone's story in a way that will last forever. photography allows me to be me without judgement. because of this, I've come to embrace photography as a transformative experience for both myself and the person in front of my lens. my hopes are that they too can be their true authentic self without judgement."


partnered healers



Elaine-RA is a Certified Reiki Master and Founder of Verso LLC. At Nayked Alchemy she is dedicated to creating and holding a safe container that enables women to feel safe to tap into healing and inner peace. 

"it is my purpose is to bring you back into balance and alignment with your truest and highest self. to educate on how the realm of energetics works because the truth is, we all have the power to heal and energize ourselves." 

- Elaine-RA
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