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Nayked is about wearing your truth and loving thy imperfections.

To live Nayked is to unapologetically embrace your unique identity, while also seeking continuous growth and personal development holistically. Nayked is about living a life that is unmasked and redefined by your inner most truth. Nayked is courageous, bold, unapologetic, shameless, and living one’s life in total freedom.

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our philosophy 

Alchemy is an ancient practice rooted in a spiritual worldview that all matter contains a universal spirit. It was believed that metals such as lead, were a spiritual and physical premature version of higher metals such as gold; however once matured and refined, had the ability to be transformed into the purest form of gold. Alchemist called this spiritual perfection.


We believe that we are all spiritual beings living a human experience, and we all have the potential to transform our lives.

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Beauty Models

- akilah flynn

Founder of NaykedAlcehmy

Behind The Curtain
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represents the physical self, body, and growth. it is associated with material forms and structures, and with physical sensibility. it is our ability to develop and care for what is seen, tangible and external. 


represents the conscious self, and mind, and is associated with our thought processes and patterns. it is our ability to connect with our minds and ground ourselves in greater awareness. 

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represents the emotional self, heart, and passion, and is associated with our deep emotional processes, desires, & intuition. it is our ability to deeply connect with ourselves and others. 

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represents the spiritual self, and the universal energy that connects us. it is the source of life, and ability to connect with your higher self. it is the process of self-discovery, & self-actualization.

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Nayked Alchemy seeks to create safe spaces for individuals to heal and align with their true authentic self. Your donation allows us to spread more healing, love, and light to the hearts that are in need. We appreciate your generous donation to our community!

Note: Nayked Alchemy is not a 501c3. 100% of your donation will aid in the support of our community, and will not be used for personal gain or profit. We thank you again for your support!

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